Stromanbieter wechseln – was ist zu beachten?

Stromanbieter wechseln – was ist zu beachten, zwei Personen die sich die Hände schütteln.

Changing electricity providers – what should you bear in mind?

There are many reasons to change your electricity provider. Energy experts recommend switching electricity providers if the change can save costs. This applies to both private households and companies. Another reason could be the contractual conditions that make the current provider unattractive. For example, there are providers for whom certain government subsidies do not apply. If you want to change your provider, there are a few points you should pay attention to. We will show you what these points are in this article.


Plan the change correctly:

When changing electricity providers, two deadlines must be taken into account. The first deadline is the notice period of the current electricity provider. This can vary greatly between providers. If you are considering terminating your utility contract, check the notice period early on. On the other hand, the lead time of the new provider is also an important point. Since some electricity suppliers need several weeks to implement the new contract, you should plan the change early and compare it with the notice periods of the existing contract.


Cancel correctly:

It may sound banal, but difficulties can also arise when terminating an existing contract. Experts therefore recommend always terminating a contract in writing and having it confirmed. With this written confirmation, you can prove that the termination was correct in the event of a dispute and dispute possible claims from the provider should a dispute arise.


Compare new providers carefully:

There are many portals online where you can compare electricity providers. The search usually focuses on cost factors in particular. However, you should also check the provider’s conditions carefully. It is not uncommon for unwanted costs or long-term cost adjustments to be hidden here, which you must include in the calculation. You should also have your current consumption data to hand for a comparison. You can use these as a basis for your research. In addition, this data not only allows you to compare new providers, but also shows the savings compared to the previous electricity provider.

Service points should also be included in your comparison. The new provider’s payment methods as well as the quality of customer service must be checked. In the offers you can quickly see which payment methods are offered. Check whether these are comfortable for you. Customer service reviews should also be included in your reviews. You can find this information on various rating portals on the Internet.


Monitoring the change process:

If you change your electricity provider, the transition process is crucial. For this reason, you should take a special look at the transfer of your contracts. Check independently whether all processes are being followed. In order to check this, you should always have the documents for the change to hand. Pay particular attention to your meter readings. To be on the safe side, it is advisable to take a photo of the stand and file it with your documents.



Since electricity prices in Austria are constantly changing and the conditions of electricity providers are not always in the interests of customers, it is worth regularly checking current contracts. By changing electricity suppliers for private households, some electricity price increases can be cushioned. In terms of electricity prices, some savings are also possible.

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